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Why Receive IVNT?

In order to have a therapeutic effect, nutrients need to be absorbed and delivered to the cells. Even with the very best, highest quality, most expensive supplements, there are issues that prevent adequate absorption of the foods and supplements consumed orally. For some individuals, these issues can be corrected over time with natural medicine, but for others mal-absorption may be a long term condition. Many factors are needed to achieve optimal absorption and delivery of nutrients, including: 

Optimal Gastrointestinal Health – When nutrients are taken orally, the gastrointestinal tract needs to breakdown foods and supplements in order to release and transport the core nutrients to the blood for delivery to the cells requiring them. This process requires many steps and is dependent on several variables to be in place, including optimal enzyme activity, proper acid production, healthy gut flora, healthy gastrointestinal lining free of inflammation and irritation, absence of “bad” bacteria, and healthy parastaltic tone (pumping action of the GI tract).

Healthy Liver Function – After nutrients are transported to the blood, they are then delivered to the liver for filtering and detoxification before having the opportunity to reach other cells in the body. This is referred to as “first pass metabolism”. A compromised liver can make certain nutrients inactive, ineffective, or bound for excretion before even having the chance to have their effect in the body. 

Healthy Cell Membranes – Cell membranes contain energy requiring pumps to maintain proper levels of essential nutrients inside the cells. Often, these nutrients need to be in higher concentration inside the cells compared to outside the cells. In any substance mixture, there is a natural predisposition for nutrients, minerals, amino acids, and other natural therapeutic substances to flow from levels of high concentration to lower concentration, which is called the “concentration gradient”. In order to keep higher levels of nutrients inside the cells where they can do repair and healing, the cell membrane needs to be healthy and have enough energy to fuel the pumps to transport the nutrients from outside the cell to the inside of the cell against the “concentration gradient”. This is called “active transport”.

Most people have suboptimal absorption. Many essential minerals have as little as 1% absorption, whereas, most nutrients only have 10-25% absorption for availability to the cells. This is usually related to suboptimal functioning of the gastrointestinal system. Many diseases and symptoms have a direct correlation with gastrointestinal compromise because it leads to mal-absorption of nutrients necessary to maintain health. If the body is starving for nutrition, it begins to decay and breakdown. Numerous factors, which cannot always be avoided, contribute to such widespread gastrointestinal dysfunction, such as: poor diet, inflammatory foods, processed foods, trans-fatty acids, environmental toxins (heavy metals, PCBs, pesticides, dioxins, smog), chronic medication use, synthetic hormones, bacteria, viruses, fungus and chronic stress.

With so many potential obstacles preventing people from achieving complete benefits from the vitamins and minerals in the food and supplements they consume orally, the real solution, which circumvents these obstacles, is Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT).