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Why is this therapy not more common and known?

Some of the reasons BPT is not more common and known are as follows:

1. Lack of Medical Establishment Support – Even though there are over 140 BPT studies that show help for HIV, Hepatitis, Asthma and a host of other diseases, there is truth to the mentality “….if it’s not a drug, it must not be a cure!” Prescribing a pill is quick, easy and the insurance companies will pay for it. Very few people question whether the doctor should have looked into more natural therapies, or ones with no side effects, or ones with better efficacy. They leave that up to the patient. Also, doctors can often be influenced by the drug companies to promote their drugs. It’s just business.

2. Ignorance/Takes Time For Acceptance – This therapy seems too simple. After all, UVC and UVA fluorescent lights can be obtained for a low cost by anyone. How could the use of these lights evoke major cures? For something to be accepted, it takes time to investigate. There are many breakthroughs that take a while to catch on such as Natural Medicines, Organic Foods, and Nutritional Supplements like Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamin D3. Although these have been around for a long time, their importance in our health has taken time to be accepted.

3. Financial–The Dollars Are Not There – The actual BPT procedure is too easy, too cheap and there is little money in it. This is what discourages further FDA testing. Who will fork over $20 million for testing for a procedure that has only a minimal return? When a drug company spends $800 million to get a drug approved, it already knows that the sale of the drug will make it billions.

4. BPT is Not Business Driven –The early proponents of BPT were not businessmen and definitely not salesmen. This is still mainly true today.

5. Skepticism –“You actually think that passing blood by UV light is some kind of a cure…….are you from the stone age?” It’s the old suspicion…..”If it’s supposed to cure everything, then it probably cures nothing.” In the case of BPT, nothing could be further from the truth as evidenced by the following patients treated with BPT:

  • She was brighter, her chills had ceased, all toxic symptoms were gone, and she was well on her way to recovery. This woman was saved, literally, by a few pennies’ worth of electricity.
  • Everything was completely normal, with no evidence of any tumor.
  • The response to only one treatment with ultraviolet light can only be described as miraculous.
  • She was told to “just go home and die.” But a month later, she was well enough for surgery.
  • Our success in Africa gets to the bottom line, BPT works on AIDS.

Is everyone helped with BPT?

Although BPT is a phenomenal therapy with almost no side effects, not everyone is helped, as evidenced by the following results:

1. Migraine headaches – 60-80% helped.

2. Non-healing wounds – 90+% helped.

3. Thrombophlebitis – 3 times the walking distance improved.

4. Bronchial Asthma – 72% responded favorably.

What is the correct name for this therapy?

We use BioPhotonic Therapy (BPT) because in today’s environment, the word radiation often means isotopes or radioactive ions. This treatment is with UVC/UVA light…….just the extended wave length of natural light. BPT is also known by other names such as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI), Photoluminescence, Photopheresis, Photodynamic Therapy and Hematologic Oxidative Therapy.

Is this therapy covered by insurance?

Not at this time. Patients are responsible for payment at the time of therapy.

I have tried lots of supposed cures and they didn’t work. Why should I believe that this therapy will work?

This therapy has a 80 year history and over 140 published medical studies on record for over 60 diseases. Many “alternative” treatments are supported by weak science and a handful of glowing testimonies, not BPT. After reading the studies on BPT, you will see that it falls into a completely different category.

What about Cancer?

There are a lot of positive body responses to BPT that will help to enhance the immune system in its own defense against cancer. To date, there have not been significant studies that conclusively show its affect with cancer, but there are some glowing testimonials about its help. As an adjunct therapy, it certainly should be considered because it seems to result in the reduction of the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. For some patients, there has been complete remission.

The American Cancer Society web page has the following quote about BPT – UV Light Therapy:

“Ultraviolet blood irradiation treatment is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for treating T-cell lymphoma involving the skin. Clinical trials look promising for the treatment of immune system diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, rejection of transplanted organs, and graft-versus-host disease (a complication related to bone marrow or stem cell transplants).”

Click here for more information from the American Center Society website

What about HIV?

BPT has been shown to be very effective in treating HIV by reducing viral loads and reducing symptoms.

How does it work on auto-immune diseases?

Sometimes therapies have an area that accomplishes the task; feeling better, being more stable, reducing causes and symptoms without giving us a complete answer as to “How”. BPT has the ability to modulate or destroy the activated T-4 cells that drive such syndromes. Results have certainly varied, but many have found significant improvement. A more technical answer is ……

“Extracorporeal UV blood irradiation launches the cascade of photochemical processes in the blood. These photochemical processes are conjugated with changes of proteins and lipids of plasma, blood cells, antioxidant and other ferment systems. At the same time, the leading role has membrane modification activity of UV radiation on erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes, which determines, on the one hand, changes in functional state and properties of these cells, and on the other – elimination from and entering in the blood circulatory channel different biologically active substances and components of the cell surface.”

Do you diagnose illnesses and recommend additional treatments?

Yes, we do diagnose illnesses and recommend treatments that will effectively treat the causes of the illnesses.

What if I am already taking drugs for my disease?

You will need to talk to Dr. Patel about what drugs you are taking. For the vast majority of medicines, BPT will complement their actions or work around it to benefit you in spite of the drug action.

Can I reduce the intake of drugs after BPT?

You will have to discuss this with Dr. Patel. In most studies, drug amounts were lowered after BPT treatments.

Why are there almost no side effects?

Partially because all that BPT does is “encourage” the body to cure itself. With good antibody production, improved blood function, improved circulation and normalizing of toxins, the body takes care of itself.

How do I prepare myself for a BPT treatment?

See our page “Preparation for BPT Treatments”.

How many treatments can be safely given?

Since there are virtually no side effects, treatments can go on for years, if needed. There have been reports of over 20 years of BPT treatments with no adverse side effects. Also, see our page “Preparation for BPT Treatments.”

Should I use BPT for a preventive/maintenance type of treatment?

For preventive therapy, we recommend treatments every 2-3 months for a pro-active stimulation and balancing of the immune system. Depending on your condition and what initial treatments were for, a maintenance program of 3-4 treatments per year is quite normal.

How does BPT stop viruses and bacteria from reproducing?

The UVC light is well known for disabling the replication mechanism of viruses, bacteria, fungus and even parasites. It does this by breaking the strands of DNA needed for replication after which, the cell is dead.

Do the UVC light rays damage my blood?

No. Cell walls of healthy blood cells are quite thick and as a result, there is no destructive effect on DNA. Since blood cells are made in the bone marrow, BPT treatments actually help to increase the production of healthy red blood cells and also to improve the viscosity and oxygen carrying functions of the cells.

If I want to learn more and view testimonies, where do I go?

You can learn more by going to the website www.DrsUBI.com.