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BHRT & HRT Research


(Estradiol, estriol or progesterone)


(Oral estrogen derived from horse urine,
synthetic estrogen, synthetic progesterone
and/or combinations of these hormones)

Reduced risk of heart disease Increased risk of heart attacks
Improved vascular tone in coronary arteries Increased risk of strokes
Reduces platelet aggregation Increased risk of blood clots
Reduces coronary vasoconstriction Increased vasoconstriction
Inhibits atherosclerotic plaque formation Increased atherosclerotic plaque
Increases insulin sensitivity Increased levels of insulin and glucose
Prevents breast cancer Increased risk of breast cancer
Reduces Lipoprotein (a) Increased inflammatory proteins DNA lesions
Increases formation and repair of myelin sheath Damaging effects on the central nervous system
Reduces PMS Increased PMS
Reduces risk of endometrial cancer Increased risk of ovarian cancer
Slows aging of skin, reduces wrinkle depth and count Increased incidence of melanoma
Increases bone density Decreased risk of osteoporosis
Relaxes coronary arteries Decreased risk of colon cancer
Reduces cholesterol  
Decreases fibrinogen  
Decreases CRP  
Lowers blood pressure  
Results in fewer side effects  
Lowers stress hormone Cortisol  
Promotes normal sleep patterns and number
of night time awakenings
Reduces sleep onset time  
Reduces nausea and vomiting during pregnancy  
Reduces episodes of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy  
Increases educational attainments in children (whose mothers use progesterone during pregnancy)  
Reduces hot flashes and menopausal symptoms  
Reduces breast tenderness and breast cysts  
Reduces episodes of premenstrual exacerbated asthma  
Activates GABA receptors triggering a calming effect  
Enhances anti-seizure effect  
Protects brain after injury  
Protects against Alzheimer's  
Reduces depression
Reduces appetite and supports weight loss