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Safety of BPT

BPT treatments are very safe as documented by the following comments from studies of physicians that have performed a large number of treatments.

  • BPT treatments appear to lend higher specificity than many chemotherapies (pharma drugs) aimed at the same applications, since to attain their effects such chemotherapies must deviate from the ideal purity of energy-bearing molecules such as glucose and ATP. Dillon, Kenneth J. (1994)
  • In the study of 2,380 sessions, only 1.3% had complications and those were minor, such as hematomas at the IV site, coagulations in the tubing, shivering, dizziness and nosebleeds. Marochikov, A.B., V. A. Doronin and N. N. Kravtsov (1990).
  • In over 10,000 BPT treatments only 6 had any adverse reactions and those were minor reactions including headaches, temporary fever, chills and moderate gastrocnemium spasm. Miley, G.P., Olney, R.C., Lewis, H.T. (1997)
  • BPT suggests negligible side effects because of its high specificity. In other words, BPT is not only safe, but it is safer than competing chemotherapies (pharma drugs) throughout a wide band of therapeutic actions. Dillon, Kenneth J. (1998).
  • Researchers had treated 726 patients with various diseases for a total of 3,500 BPT sessions. Significant healing was found in 84% of the cases with no complications. Ganelina, I. E. and K. A. Samoilova (1986)