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Preparation for Chelation Therapy

For most patients, Chelation Therapy (CT) is a new concept, so we created these “Patient Instructions” about everything a patient needs to know to prepare for Chelation Therapy. These instructions should be kept handy and reviewed periodically.


  • Do not take any multivitamins or supplements the day of the Chelation Therapy.
  • Always take any prescribed medicines, per instructions.
  • Avoid dairy products the day of the Chelation Therapy.
  • EAT PROTEIN! Having a good protein meal within 2 hours prior to Chelation Therapy will keep your blood sugar and blood pressure stable.
  • Please feel free to bring raw nuts or other high protein snacks to eat during the therapy session.
  • Chelation Therapy sessions usually last 1-2 hours so feel free to bring a book and/or magazines, a music player and/or laptop with a headset. Once you enter the Therapy Room, no cell phones are allowed.


  • Arrival should be no sooner than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled therapy time. If you are earlier than 15 minutes, please relax in the waiting area.
  • On the way to the Therapy Room, please be sure to be weighed by one of our staff.
  • Since you will need to complete a simple urine test, please ask one of our staff to provide the instructions necessary to complete the test, which will be done in the Chelation Therapy restroom.


  • DRINK WATER! Water will be available so always drink at least 16 ounces during the Chelation Therapy session. Since EDTA removes toxins, which are filtered out through your kidneys, adequate amounts of water will help the process.
  • Pain is not expected so please notify one of our staff if your IV is uncomfortable.
  • A slight aching sensation may be experienced on the arm where the IV is administered. If this happens, a heating pad can be put over the site to alleviate the pain.
  • The IV arm must be kept still as movement may cause the IV to slip out.
  • IV drip rates are regulated for safety so DO NOT attempt to adjust the rate on your own because it is dangerous to run IV’s too quickly.
  • If veins are difficult to access, one of our staff will discuss supportive supplements we have available to help.
  • One of our staff is always available to monitor IVs and answer any questions.


  • Some patients feel wonderful after their session and others feel tired.
  • If you experience any unusual feelings after the therapy session, please let one of our staff know.