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Advantages of BPT Over Drugs

BioPhotonic Therapy has the following advantages over Pharmaceutical Drugs:

  • Since BPT stimulates the production of a “vaccine” based on your particular virus or bacteria, it is more specific and therefore has greater effectiveness.
  • BPT is less likely to develop resistance strains than drugs.
  • BPT is more versatile as it works on many conditions and there is no need to know many drugs and their side effects.
  • Starting and/or stopping BPT has no consequence where chemotherapies, if stopped, have possible consequences of drug resistance and further spread of disease.
  • With BPT, an accidental overdose is virtually impossible.
  • BPT does not destroy benign Flora (helpful bacteria).
  • BPT does not depress the immune system defenses.
  • BPT boosts the overall immunological defenses of the body.
  • BPT is less expensive than many drugs.