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Poly-MVA Benefits

Poly-MVA is a nutritional supplement used to help support cancer patients undergoing cancer therapies. It contains nutrients that will replace those depleted by chemotherapy and radiation. Poly-MVA is unique because of the special, proprietary manufacturing process by which lipoic acid is bonded to Palladium (LAPd). No other company produces any product similar to Poly-MVA because of the patented preparation and bonding process through which LAPd is manufactured. The proprietary formulation of LAPd with other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provides considerable nutritional support and may assist in boosting the body’s immune response and in healing damaged cells.

Poly-MVA provides the following nutritional support to the body as it………..

  • Helps the body to produce energy
  • Supports the liver in removing harmful substances from the body
  • Assists in preventing cell damage
  • Assists the body in removing heavy metals from the bloodstream
  • Provides the body with a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier
  • Prevents B12 deficiency - related mental disturbances in the elderly
  • Supports nerve and neurotransmitter function
  • Enhances white blood cell function
  • Supports pH balance, helping to maintain oxygenation of cells and tissues

Although scientific studies have not been completed, a significant number of articles in peer reviewed scientific and medical journals discuss the possible biochemical significance of LAPd in supporting various biological functions within animals and humans. Additionally, some studies have already been planned and/or are currently underway to further evaluate the value and effectiveness of LAPd in human nutrition.

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